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Technical Infomation

Year of Completion



Sound Installation || 聲音裝置



Hardware Materials

Steel Metal Sheets, Studio Microphones, Pre-Amplifiers / Audio Mixers, Studio Monitors (Speakers) || 金屬板,工作室麥克風,前置放大器/音頻混合器,工作室揚聲器

Mechatronics Components

Microcontrollers, Custom Electronics, Motors, LED || 微控制器,定制電子,電機,直流馬達,LED



(Video Documentation has minimal low frequency sound, please use headphone or decent speakers to watch the video documentation) The Canvas of Resonance is a sound and visual installation inspired by the use of simple metal sheets to produce sound effects for cinema, TV and radio by Foley artists in the pre-digital age. In the early days of live radio, Foley artists invented a novel way to create the sound of thunder: Their method of rattling a large piece of thin copper sheeting suspended by wires was so effective that it became a mainstay of the industry for decades, and is now what many people associate with a Foley artist’s work. The Canvas of Resonance re-examines this longstanding audio effect, creating complex, atmospheric sound compositions by manipulating the surface of a series of metal sheets – each of a different thickness – suspended in the gallery space. The Canvas of Resonance experiments with the full range of audio potential contained within the metal. Each sheet is fitted with five small motors which create vibrations in the metal. As the vibrations and metal thicknesses vary different sounds are produced, with every imperfection and discrepancy on the surface creating new and unique qualities of sound are amplified through microphones and speakers. The resulting installation – accompanied by flickering lights highlighting the surface of the metal – is an immersive, pulsating and intensely cinematic experience. 聲音裝置《聲幻共振》是藝術家對金屬薄板這一傳統發聲物件再檢視,再利用的過程。這類薄板 在數碼時代前,被廣泛用於製造打雷聲效,藝術家以時下的電子技術賦歸傳統物料的可能性,透過振動馬達和電子編程以不同方式振動金屬薄板以找出物料對聲音的可能性,再賦予編曲和LED光效,過時且有瑕疵的音質霎時變得異常珍貴,高低變奏下所引發的想象空間早已超越純粹的振動與共鳴。 Exhibitions 2016 – Solo Exhibition “The Canvas of Resonance” , Cube Gallery @ Phoenix, Leicester, UK (3rd Edition) 2014 – ISEA 2014, Al Fahidi Historical District, Dubai, UAE (2nd Edition) 2013 – SCM7/K11 – TRANSCENDENT ORDINARINESS, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong (2nd Edition) 2012 – Nexto Contemporary Art, Hong Kong (1st Edition) Presentations 2013 – Speaker, “Perceptual Resonance”, SCM7/K11 – TRANSCENDENT ORDINARINESS , K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong Bibliography 2012 – “The Canvas of Resonance”, 109 – 專題介紹藝術展覽「境心相遇」(Radio Podcast), Mindustry 腦作大業, Hong Kong


Special Thanks

Art & Culture Outreach (HK) - Funding Support

Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre (UK) - Venue and Production Support

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