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Technical Infomation

Year of Completion



Site-Specific Kinetic Video Installation (staircase)



Hardware Materials

Staircase (Wood), Stainless Steel

Mechatronics Components

Microcomputer(Raspberry Pi), LCD panel, Solenoid, Microcontroller, Custom electronics, Custom Mechanical Parts


Openframeworks, Arduino, Digital Video 數碼錄像

The work combines the fragments of ideas of the artist about his identity, collective memories and the a recursion beyond real and virtual space, or reality and dreams. Shot in the Thirteen Streets area in To Kwa Wan in Hong Kong, four customised kinetic LCD panels that incline randomly will be placed on the stairs of the gallery, and will show a continuous loop of a man endlessly walking down a flight of stairs but never reaching the bottom. The random movement of the screens gives the illusion of the man’s descent down the stairs, as well as interpreting the “the drop” when we imagine to go downstairs in dreams. 樓梯上的機械錄像裝置樓梯,微電腦,定制軟件,LED 屏,螺線管,微控制器,定制電子,鋼鐵,數字視頻這項作品融合了藝術家對於自身的身份,集體回憶, 於真實和虛擬空間,現實與夢想間循環的零碎思想。 錄像在香港土瓜灣的十三街拍攝,四個特制的機械動態LED 屏隨機傾斜, 被放置在畫廊的樓梯,顯示一個男人不斷地落樓梯,但從未能到達底部。 影像使人們產生不斷落樓梯的幻覺,以及用機械運動在聯像我們在睡夢時意外跌失足於梯級間的感覺。 Exhibition 2016 – The Interstitial: Alan Kwan and Kenny Wong Two-Person Exhibition, Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO, Hong Kong

JIM_20160727_藝術家Kenny Wong_063
JIM_20160727_藝術家Kenny Wong_067
JIM_20160727_藝術家Kenny Wong_065


2016-07-18 11.42.10
2016-07-14 22.33.18
2016-07-10 17.46.26_
2016-07-17 13.34.54_
2016-07-18 17.29.42

Special Thanks

Kinchoi Lam - Production Helper

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