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Technical Infomation

Year of Completion



Interactive Installation


50cm * 90cm * 160cm

Hardware Materials


Mechatronics Components

Laptop Computer, CRT TVs, Webcam, LED, Leap Motion Sensor


Openframeworks, Digital Video Database

Online Database:   (The database updates automatically when new gesture is created by audience during the exhibition) Iris is a pair of hands that communicates with participants by hand gestures solely. Through interacting with Iris, audience will then discover and create the language to “talk” with her, which leads to the investigation of human’s behavioural codes by manifesting hand gestures in a mischievous manner. Iris is responsive to the audience’s hand gestures when they put theirs inside a designated device. Their hands are then projected and detected by a sensor. The gestures are scrutinized and responded by an array of rules that audience may explore through communication. Since the installation keeps learning the input gestures, the video database of different combinations of movements will expand persistently and act dynamically. Through including human body as context into a digital work, it expresses the merger of the organic and the digital, which can explore the potentials of art through using our bodies. When the interaction of hands is enlarged and projected, it produces dizzying array of unspoken associations to different finger movements and hand gestures. It does not only rediscover the possibilities and complexity of how hand movements can be done, but also creates a new language and specific communication protocol with Iris. The process hence creates a more imaginative, humane and mischievous relationship between Iris and participants. 《Iris》是與參與者溝通的一對手。通過與《Iris》的「對話」,觀眾會發掘自身與她溝通的一套獨特語言。從參與者於特定的環境下反應的手勢中,我們便能夠重新閱讀及探索人類的直覺行為。 當觀眾將手放進指定裝置內,他們的手勢會被《Iris》偵測、分析以作出不同反應,讓觀眾漸漸發掘一系列特定的規律。由於裝置會不斷紀錄新的用家手勢在互聯網絡上,經過不同地方的展覽,動作的視頻數據庫將持續擴大。藝術家會從數據庫中創造更多不同可能的回應。獨特的手勢語言慢慢地從互動裡衍生。 Award 2014 - Special Mention,  Interactive Category, ifva (Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia) Festival, Hong Kong Exhibition 2014 - ifva (Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia) Festival, Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre 2014 - Ars Electronica Center (1-year exhibition) (with Chloe Cheuk), Linz, Austria 2014 - Ars Electronica Festival (with Chloe Cheuk), Linz, Austria

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Special Thanks

Dawei Charitable Foundation - Production Support

ifva (Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia) - Festival Organizer

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