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Technical Infomation

Year of Completion



Interactive Installation


100cm * 186cm * 208cm

Hardware Materials

Wood, Iron, Chair, Tuning Forks

Mechatronics Components

Linear Actuator, Microcontroller, Custom Electronics, LED, AC Motor, DC Motor, Distance Sensor, Buttons



Concept Traveling past an avenue of trees on a bus ride, you can feel that sunlight is flickering on your face, projecting vivid colors even with your eyes closed. I extend this daily experience into a deep exploration. In this project, 10Hz, where the device stimulates the viewer’s Alpha Brain Wave by both light and sound through the use of tuning forks. Illusionary vision and sound are unleashed in your brain. It also explores the artistic potentialities and the playfulness of Alpha Brain Wave beyond therapeutic purposes. 當巴士經過一排排的樹,車上的你可以感受陽光在臉上閃動,閉上眼仍看到精彩的色調。 《10Hz》借我這個小小的日常經歷發展成一探索,利用音叉以光線與聲音刺激觀眾的Alpha腦電波。 視聽的錯覺在腦內開展,同時發掘腦電波在治療以外其他的可能性。 Experience 10Hz is immersive machine that would bring you to an altered state, by the use of tuning forks. When the tuning forks surround your head, audience is invited to relax and let go, close his eyes, and let the altered light and combined sound frequencies stimulate your brain. The interactivity is the dialog between tuning forks and the brain. You are invited to close your eyes. By going up with the lifting chair, your head is being surrounded by a rotating platform with 30 tuning forks. In 10Hz, the flickering rate and binaural beats stimulate your Alpha Brain Wave. Flickering Stimulated Vision: Supernatural colors, patterns, moving geometrical shapes, scenes, and hallucinations Rotating platform with 30 tuning forks, each with 2 prongs alternately blocking the spotlight to create flickering effects, like on a bus ride. Physical and Illusionary perceived sound: Oscillating waves (Pulsation) Tuning forks with 512Hz and 522Hz are hit by 4 hammers inside. Combined oscillating waves are heard instead of pure frequencies. Interference beats and binaural beats of 10Hz will be produced according to the position of the tuning forks. The combined experience is a illusionary experience by the unique design of the device. The lifting chair, the tuning forks become the unique factors of the stimulation. Award Gold Award of Interactive Media Category in the 16th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva) Festival. Presentations 2011 – Speaker, Dorkbot-HK #3, Videotage 2011 – Guest Speaker, lecture of Installation Fundamentals, School of Creative Media, City University Bibliography 2011 – ”尋求對話的創作“, (Issue 117, Oct), Cup Magazine 2011 – “聲光掠影 ﹣科學與藝術的結合”, June 2011, CULTaMAP 2011 – “過來人,過來談“, Milk Vol.533 Oct 2011, Milk Magazine 2011 – 創意媒體新啟視 What A Beautiful Mind, 25th May 2011, Oriental Daily News 2011 – 獨立短片賽 城大奪8獎, 25th May 2011, Ming Pao Daily News 2011 – 拍外婆短片 城大生ifva金獎, 25th May 2011, Sing Tao Daily 2011 – 拍片反思敬老 城大女生奪金獎, 25th May 2011, Wen Wei Po 2011 – Record-breaking ifva haul for creative media students, 25th May 2011, CityU NewsCentre 2011 – 本土最年青創作力量 ﹣專訪得IFVA獎者, Issue 2, Delta Zhi, AMCNN 2011 – 同遊光影中, (Issue 111, April), Cup Magazine


Special Thanks

Wong Ching Fat - Production Consultant

Hector Rodriguez - Supervisor

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